There are several terms & conditions that you need to know, as follows:

  1. Each plant must be legalized with a certificate, you will be charged a certificate fee automatically when buying on our website. Phytosanitary Certificate for $20.
  2. The process of document registration and laboratory checks takes about 1-4 weeks before packaging and shipping, the health of the plants sent will be guaranteed.
  3. Our team will automatically send you an email when your package has been shipped.
  4. If you live in Canada, you will need an Import Permit. You can take care of this through the CFIA website after completing the order on our website and it is already in the waiting period.
  5. If you live in the USA, you need an Import Permit if you buy more than 12 plants, otherwise it is not required.
  6. There are several conditions that will occur to your package while on the road, including:
  7. Packages arrived in good health and condition, all plants are in fresh and good condition (THIS IS VERY GOOD)
  8. The package came with yellowing leaves due to the temperature during the trip (THIS CONDITION IS GOOD)
  9. Packages come with incomplete conditions, for example the leaves are falling or rotting, just throw away the sick leaves, and replant them in water for the acclimation process (THIS IS ALSO NORMAL)
  10. Packages arrive dead-on-arrival, rotting all over, black in color, smelly, usually this is due to wrong storage from DHL during transit (DEAD ON ARRIVAL)
  11. If your plant arrives at the address dead on arrival. Provide proof of the unboxing video and photo evidence of the plant. We will refund 50% of the dead plants within 7-14 working days. Because every import of plants, there must be a risk.
  12. The way we package is in compliance with international standards, we use sphagnum moss which is rolled at the root so that plant nutrients are always maintained. So that the success rate of the package you will receive reaches 98%! This is a fantastic number. We always provide the best for you plant lovers around the world.
  13. Happy shopping! If you have any questions, please visit Instagram or email whenever you need. Thank you!