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SPRING PROMO 10 plants


1. Choose (6/10/12 plants) from this plant list below, you can choose as you like and leave a note when checking out:
Monstera Albo
Monstera Aurea Yellow
Monstera Adansonii Var (INA)
Philodendron Florida Beauty
Philodendron Violin Var
Philodendron Domesticum Var
Philodendron Bicolor
Scindapsus Jade Satin Var
Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight Var
Epipremnum Pinnatum Marble
Epipremnum Sp Bali Hanoman

2. All plants with minimum 2 leaves
3. Shipping and Phytosanitary Certificate are FREE
4. Shipping start from April 1st


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