> Can I import plants to my country?

Absolutely yes! As long as you can make sure you can receive the package. So it is important to know the regulations at your own authority about importing live plants before making an order.

> Do I need an import permit from the government?

No need for any Import Permit for Asia, UK, EU and USA. You need a Permit if you order more than 12 plants for the USA. If you live in Canada, a permit is needed, you can make it later once you put an order successfully.

> What is a Phytosanitary Certificate?

When you buy plants overseas, it’s a must to buy a Phytosanitary Certificate (only 1x for whole orders). That’s the legal paper that contains the plants inside the package. It is intended to maintain the cleanliness of plants from pests and maintain the quality of plants that are healthy. 

> How long will my plants be shipped?

When you have already completed the payment, the fastest time is around 1 week and it all depends on the completeness of the documents. We need 3 kinds of processes in fulfilling documents. (1) Laboratorium tests, (2) Submission of export licenses, (3) Submission of Phytosanitary certificates. When all papers are ready, we can pack and ship your plants then.

> Will I get a shipping notification?

Yes, the notification of your package has been sent with the receipt number will be given via email by DHL. Therefore it is required to use active email.

> Do I need to pay import tax or fees?

Basically, taxes and fees are the policy of each recipient country. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't. But all fees in your country are the obligation of every buyer.

> Do all the plants on match the photos provided?

Yes, all plants that will be sent are the ones you see in the photos. The number of leaves will continue to increase and may also decrease due to the growth process.

> Since when did start exporting ornamental plants?

We are a subsidiary of which has been exporting ornamental plants worldwide since 2019. We created as a means for you to buy plants with 100% real photos.

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