8 steps for how to claim your order GREAT/BAD:

  1. Take an unboxing video
  2. Check all side from it’s very first (still wrapped correctly, no broken)
  3. Using cutter knife to open the seal
  4. Open one by one the plants (your camera shooting the plants condition)
  5. It’s GREAT if: A bit yellowing leaves. Yellowing leaves with good roots. Dead leaves (not mushy) with good roots. It’s BAD if: Moldy leaves and roots. Dead roots.
  6. You have to check @flauntyourleaves IG TV about unboxing our plants, that’s the condition for almost 2 weeks ship travelling.
  7. Check your plants travel time (how many days) from DHL website. If there’s normally arriving date (4-10 days), the plants still strong, if not, there’s something trouble during the process (customs).
  8. Hope all plants are well, put the plants through water and then soil to growing gorgeously.